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Welcome to my new Blog!

At last...

I'm finally getting round to starting this blog. When we decided to start a website, and I built everything else up and we had the initial outline, a blog was part of that plan, and then life happened. I don't however have any excuses on why it's taken 6/7 weeks of lockdown and furlough to get round to it! But here we have it, the long awaited PBE Blog!

Over time you can expect to see some chatty blogs, about everything and anything related to theme parks, roller coasters or the club. I'll be posting good old fashioned trip reports from anywhere worth writing about and I'll be sharing my thoughts on announcements and news from the industry.

Want to get involved? Want me to cover anything in particular? Let me know! You can get in touch with us via the comments below, reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram!

Now for the boring bit!

  • All views expressed within these blogs are that of the author and do not represent the views of Club Pleasure Beach Experience as a whole.

  • Unless stated otherwise, no content, including, text, logos, photos and videos are to be used or reproduced without written consent from Pleasure Beach Experience and the author of the post.

  • Comments left seen to be abusive (in any way, to anyone) will result in a complete ban from commenting on the site and possibly booking onto any future club events.

That is all for now, thank you for taking time to visit our site and supporting Pleasure Beach Experience.


Thanks for subscribing!

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