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Bucket List Coasters and Parks

A common topic among enthusiasts, which coasters MUST you do? And I'm pretty sure we've all got them, so here's my list.

1. New Revolution - Six Flags Magic Mountain

For those that dont know this was the very first vertical looping roller coaster in the world. It's a Schwarzkopf (which I'm a bit of a fan of anyway) and it does look like an alright coaster! I'm not expecting big things from this coaster, it's just one I have to do. Rollercoaster is one of my favourite films and pretty heavily features this rides opening day (not actual opening, but you get what I mean) and it's always stuck in my mind that I want to do it from first seeing the film. Also, who wouldn't want to ride the first vertical looping coaster? It opened the way for so much and the story behind it is great. It's a shame the rest of the park isn't 100% appealing to me, but it needs done sometime soon and hopefully it'll prove me wrong!

2. Knott's Berry Farm - California

Well, while I'm out doing New Revolution I might as well nip down to Knott's! Partly for Ghost Rider and Xcelerator but mostly because the park just looks great! Everything I've seen of it looks so crisp and clean and colourful! And a great selection of rides to go with all of that! It won't be long till I get over to Cali for this!

3. Europark - France

I came across this nice little park on YouTube, an excellent video of night rides on the Vekoma Corkscrew was a brilliant start! Then I found out it only operates at night, roughly from 8pm to 2am and I was sold! The video I saw is no longer available, however this one does it almost as much justice. There might not be a whole lot there, but by the look of the atmosphere that you can feel from a lot of videos from the park, it is one I will have to get to, I'll definitely be making the drive down there at some point!

4. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

So here we have an epic looking air time machine courtesy of Intamin. It's simple, I like simple coasters. Airtime filled, no nonsense with inversions or launches, gets to the top of its lift and does what it needs to do! It's another that the park its in doesn't really take my fancy, which is why I've never done it, but at some point soon I will be ticking this one off the list.

5. Walibi Belgium

Walibi Holland is excellent, so of course I'm going to want to visit its Belgian brother! It does tick a lot of its own boxes though... Vekoma Boomerang - Check! Modern-ish woodie - Check! Mack PowerSplash (Pulsar) - Check! There is of course the downside of yet another Vekoma SLC, but it can't be any worse than Condor though... can it?

That's my list for now, and I'm sure others will be popping into my head for the rest of the evening, but if it's not come to mind now, is it even that important? Probably not!


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