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Events Code of Conduct

Thank you for your interest in attending an event with Your Experience Guide, on this page we have listed the code of conduct for attending one of our coaster club events.

  • All members attending an event organised by Your Experience Guide are responsible for observing the rules and regulations in place by the theme/amusement parks we are visiting, the hotels we are staying at (if applicable) and on any organised group transportation

  • Attendance at an event does not entitle anyone to special treatment other than activities/opportunities organised for the event. This also includes any form of unsafe riding, such as, deliberately keeping lap bars loose, removing seat belts, taking cameras on ride where not permitted and so on, please always stick to the rules set out

  • Your Experience Guide will always seek permission for team members and event attendants to film on-ride POVs during events, please do not directly contact a theme park hosting an event to ask for permission as it may cause confusion with requests already made by the Your Experience Guide team. If on-ride filming is permitted by any of the parks, Your Experience Guide would still require attendants to have their own public liability insurance to film on rides/attractions

  • Failure to follow the rules set out by the parks we are visiting will result in removal from the club event with no refund and a ban from attending any future trips with Your Experience Guide

  • Failure to follow the rules set out by hotels arranged as part of an event and/or whilst using group transportation may also result in removal from the club event with no refund and a possible ban from attending any future trips with Your Experience Guide 

  • Your Experience Guide reserves the right to remove anyone from an event who is bringing the club into disrepute by behaving inappropriately before or during an event

  • Punctuality is absolutely vital at all times during an event, if group transportation is included as part of the event and is scheduled to leave at 7am, it will leave at 7am. Lateness to group transportation in the morning could result in arriving to parks late which would result in ERT cancellations with no refund or reduced ERT sessions. Lateness to the coach may also result in arriving much later than planned at hotels which would have a knock on effect on the schedule for the following day which may also cause ERT cancellations. Your Experience Guide and its transportation partners do not want to leave anybody behind, but lateness could potentially ruin a whole day for everyone attending, therefore it is possible the transportation will set off without latecomers. Latecomers missing the coach will have to arrange their own transport to re-join the group at their own expense

  • Always clean up after yourself, whether it be putting litter in a bin, tidying up your seat on the coach, leaving a hotel room tidy and so on. Please be considerate to other members, for example taking your shoes off on group transportation after a ride on the Log Flume may not be welcomed

  • You must be 21 or over to attend events in the USA, unless attending with a family member who is 21 or older

  • You must be 18 or over to attend events in the UK and EU, unless attending with a family member who is 18 or older​​

  • All event attendants will be provided with a Your Experience Guide lanyard and an ID card for each event, without one of those it will not be possible to take part in any organised event activities including (but not limited to) ERT sessions and behind the scenes tours

  • On club events in America, Your Experience Guide may include an item of club merchandise for everyone attending to be worn on a particular day of the event, this may be required as part of one of the scheduled days at a theme park so our members are always identifiable with the park we're visiting

  • Finally, have fun and never be afraid to speak to the trip organisers with any concerns/questions

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