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How do I book onto your events?

Our events are advertised individually on this website and our social media platforms at least two months before they take place, booking to attend an event is usually required by a set deadline before the event takes place. Each event will have its own dedicated page and booking form on this website for events in 2023 and onwards.

Do I need membership to attend events?

Your Experience Guide does not have club membership, our events are sold individually leading up to each event, membership is not required to attend.  

Why do I need to pay to come to an event?

Event prices are set by the theme parks we visit on events, each park will set a different rate for park entry, ERT sessions and any other bespoke activities that the club has arranged with a park. All events are non-refundable due to advance payment to the parks being required for every event.

Can I use your photos and/or videos?

Your Experience Guide does not allow use of their videos or photos without written permission from Scott Bickerton, if you would like to use any of our video content or photos please contact us on All requests will be handled on an indvidual basis. 

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