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Welcome to Your Experience Guide

Your Experience Guide is best known for our YouTube channel and our roller coaster enthusiast events. Originally known as Pleasure Beach Experience, we started out in 2009 as a fan forum for Blackpool Pleasure Beach fans but have since grown to be one of the largest roller coaster enthusiast communities on the internet.


Our roller coaster enthusiast events have been ongoing since Summer 2012 with at least four events a year where roller coaster enthusiasts come from all over Europe to experience amusement/theme parks together with added perks such as Exclusive Ride Time (ERT) sessions and behind the scenes tours.

On our website you'll find more information about us, the latest information about our upcoming trips, event trip reports, our YouTube channel and more! 

Interested in getting involved? Check out the latest event information, membership is NOT required to attend our roller coaster enthusiast events.

Contact Us  |  Tel: 07715292872

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