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Saturday 25th June 2016

Summer Funshine was our one and only Blackpool Pleasure Beach event in 2016, due to my own health issues and a change of personnel at the Pleasure Beach, we collectively agreed it was best to do things this way. 

Summer Funshine was a fairly basic event lineup, an ERT on the Big One, a Pleasure Beach auction and group rides on Valhalla before ride close. 

It was a good way to get back into the swing of things with events, but probably one of the least memorable events we have done. 


Saturday 3rd September 2016

Our first ever event outside of the United Kingdom took us to Tayto Park! The day started off promising with an ERT on Cu Chulainn, but as the ERT went on, the rain got harder and harder! 

Tayto Park has expanded quite a lot since this visit, so we didn't have a lot to do other than Cu Chulainn which is why a lot of the group retired to their hired cars or the hotel after the ERT because the rain was horrendous! 

It may have been a small turnout and a very rainy day, but this was the start of a new era for PBE; events outside of the UK!


Saturday 1st October 2016

Fantasy Island

The final event of 2016 took us back to Fantasy Island, the park had significantly improved since our first event here with more rides open, better presentation of the park and a much better day in all. 

Odyssey was closed due to high winds but we had a silky smooth ERT session on Millennium. 

Sadly, we don't have many photos or a video from this event, or from much of 2016 to be honest!

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