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Saturday 11th February 2017

Organised at the shortest notice ever for an event, the 'New Season Revolutions' event turned out to be one of the best opening day events we've had. We started by launching our 'new logo' followed by taking the first public rides of the season on the Big One. 

The itinerary was small but most of the group stuck together for large parts of the day. Scheduled as the last activity of the day was an ERT session on the Revolution, this took place between 4:30pm and 5pm followed by the Pleasure Beach surprising the group with a mini ERT session on the Big One to end the day. 

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Saturday 13th May 2017

Bits of the Beach was the next event to take place in 2017 featuring three ERT sessions and a behind the scenes tour of Valhalla. There was also a limited availability (3 groups of six) 'Walk the Big One' PBE session on the Friday evening. 

The event began with the Big One & Steeplechase ERT sessions which lasted for an hour before the Pleasure Beach opened, something that sticks with me here is how warm it was so early on that day. 

The Valhalla tour followed which gave the group an insight into the workings of Valhalla with a safe walk around the ride's catwalks whilst it was being tested for the day. 

An ERT on Valhalla closed out a fun and successful day at the Pleasure Beach. 


Saturday 17th June 2017

Thrills in the Fantasy was the third time we had an event at Fantasy Island, it's the second 'most visited' park as far as PBE events go! 

I did not anticipate how busy this park was going to be for this event, but should have done with it being £6 per person for all day wristbands and a baking hot day. We paid £6 for wristbands and our ERT. 


The day started with a morning ERT session on The Odyssey and we were all thankful for it, the queue for it throughout the rest of the day was the longest any of us had ever seen. 

For context, it was that warm, and that busy, we queued 2 hours to ride the Log Flume! Whilst queuing, we saw the park 'fork lift' extra boats into the Flume's trough. 


Saturday 2nd September 2017

For the second September running, we had a one day visit to Tayto Park which included ERT sessions on both Cu Chulainn and the newly opened Viking's Voyage. 


Sunday 5th November 2017

The final event of a packed year for Pleasure Beach Experience was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an event called Cats & Coasters! 

This event featured a walkthrough of Alice's Wonderland, an hour ERT's session on the Big Dipper and finished with the final rides of the year on the Big One! 

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