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BPB Merch Box!

So you may have seen *This* video on YouTube of us unboxing a goodie box of mostly new and very exclusive merch that Pleasure Beach sent to us to review and reveal to all of you good people. A video is all well and good, but let's have a better look at some of the merch.

We were pretty happy to get this surprise box!


First out of the box we have the classic Big One grey T-shirt.

I loooove this! I've been moaning for ages, and more so on it's recent anniversary, that there was nothing of its origin to be found, but this is perfect! If anything though, a more ladies friendly cut would be nice, just a slightly larger neck and it would actually be perfect, but in saying that it doesn't fit that bad at all!

We then have the blue Big One hoodie. This is hands down the best thing out of the box! Better quality than recent hoodies i've bought from the pleasure beach and the design is fantastic, goes so well with the T-shirt as well. I'm doing my best not to over wear it, but it is incredibly comfortable!

Meet Paul.

Paul the Pleasure Beach Puppy! Charlie, our 2 year old LOVES this guy. Cute, amazingly soft, even better than the 'My first Pleasure Beach cat's' that came first. We weren't originally thinking of naming this guy, but after we were asked to name him and feature him in further videos, how could we not!

Big One Shot Glass.

Continuing the theme of the Big One, (something tells me it got out that Scott is a massive PMBO fan!) A shot Glass! Nice design, it's held up well through being washed, and who wouldn't want a Big One shot glass?

Big One Mug.

As someone who spends her days drinking tea, I absolutely approve of the mug! A nice simple design, the mug itself is huge but not bowl sized, nice bevelled design and it feels sturdy! Not much else you can say about a mug really, but there we have it!

So there we have it, the contents of the box gifted to us by the Pleasure Beach. A massive thanks to them for this opportunity to try out all of these things! Don't forget that all of the above is available on their website!


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Unknown member
May 13, 2020

Very good read Becca.


Thanks for subscribing!

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