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Throwback Thursday - June 2010

Hello! After a short break due to a mountain of things to do, the blog is back, all the way back to 2010.

There is a lot in the following photos to take in, in 10 years the Pleasure Beach has changed massively, I dare say more than most, if not any other parks in the UK. The Pleasure Beach in these photos is the Pleasure Beach that comes to mind whenever I think of the place.

These photos were taken over the month of June 2010, not all on the same day.

Let's start with a very shiny Pepsi Max can!

Look at that beauty! I have gotten used to the new design but I still don't like it!

I do miss the monorail, the views of the park were amazing throughout.

Here's another thing that while I enjoy its replacement, I still miss it as a part of the image of Pleasure Beach that I hold in my head. It is of course the Gold Mine.

It was sad to see it closed so much toward the end of its time at the Pleasure Beach.

Another change, even as far back as 2010 this bridge was rumoured to have its days numbered! Getting from each side of the park will never be as easy as when the bridge was there.

A view from the monorail. What a different place it was back then!

This train design was so much better than the green train we have today, as much as the current design fits with the Nickelodeon theme, I do prefer this old school look.

Another thing I'm not a fan of is the new undercoat-grey colour of the Rev, it suits a bit of colour.

Trauma Towers even feels like such a long time ago but it's not been that long really.

This whole area has changed a lot in recent years, it's going to be interesting to see how much further it comes along in the next 10 years.

Let's end on a view of the park from the monorail, this was always a great view at sunset, damn I miss it!

I hope you enjoyed our little trip back to 2010, what do you miss, if anything from back then?


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