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Throwback Thursday - June 2017

It's Thursday again already! Time for another look back at June from the past years.

This week we're taking a trip back to 2017 and Thorpe Park! On this occasion we were doing a Nemesis Inferno lift walk! (The better of the two Nemesis coasters, but that's a conversation for another day)

It was a great sunny day, I'm pretty sure I ended up sunburnt again (it's a bit of a tradition I seem to have going on with Thorpe)

I think I've taken all of these angles so many times, but I'm never happy with them!

Right, on to the lift walk! This was a great experience and well worth the money!

Firstly, a little look in the station, there are definite urges to shout "Please exit to the left!"

Time for a look at the transfer track! Even though you know how it works and have seen it before, seeing it from the position of being able to wander around usually off limits areas is quite exciting!

This is a view any of us that have had a front row ride will recognise, but taken without getting in everyone's way!

Time for the main event, the ride area!

"Ah it's not that many steps", to be fair you're too busy looking at the view to care about going up them.

The first view to share with you is a sad one, poor Loggers Leap, not doing much leaping! Truly looks from here like it had been reclaimed by the woods!

Now round to a coaster I love and one I hate! Saw, a fantastic coaster, and Colossus, one I won't bother trying to climb in and out of!

A view of Swarm and Tidal Wave. It was at this point I noticed more than ever how much Tidal Wave needs some kind of prettying up, the splash zone is so well done but it's sat there just plonked in for the rest of it.

I do really like this area of the park, nice and brightly coloured despite the darker disaster theme.

We noticed someone else on a climb on Swarm while we were looking out this way! I would like to do that climb as it must be a great view when you have time to stand and appreciate it.

Over a bit and we have Stealth and more of Inferno. You can really appreciate how green Thorpe actually is from up here.

I think when parks reopen, Thorpe is the one I'll make an effort to get to first.

And then it was time to climb back down to reality, but with a good view of the loop on the way!

Are you missing Thorpe Park during this lock down?


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