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Throwback Thursday - June 2015

Welcome back to another throwback Thursday! We've made it through what I think may have been the longest May ever and into a June that's brought a lot of other issues to the front of our feeds. While there are so many more important stories and information being put out at the moment I'm going to keep the blog a bit quieter and stick to sharing Throwback Thursdays, so it's time to look back to a trip that me and Scott took to Paris in June 2015.

We had booked this trip with about 2 minutes of thought, but it worked out great and was an excellent trip overall. We booked this for over my birthday and I'd not long passed my driving test and bought my first car when we booked, and I'd decided I wanted to drive my little Fiesta to France, pretty much because I could and the novelty of driving hadn't worn off! (It still hasn't, I'm keen to get my newest Fiesta out and about through France, but that's a blog for another day) Apologies for the lack of quality photos, they're all mobile photos for this as I'm going to share more about the trip than the parks today.

First up, my first time on the Euro Tunnel, driving on a train was a strange experience but it's soooooo easy and I just don't like the idea of Flying to Mainland Europe when I know it's so easy to drive!

It's a very straight drive to Paris from Calais, not a great deal to see... Until you get a little flash of B&M invert from the motorway that is!! It turns out OzIris is a pretty decent coaster too given it's an invert, I was very impressed!

On getting to our hotel and nipping over to the supermarket across the road, I found the best thing... the BIGGEST bottle of Fruit Shoot I've ever seen!!

Parc Astérix! This is what I'd been most keen to do on this trip! We had two days here with a visit to DLP In the middle of them.

I did really enjoy Parc Astérix, it's a really nice feeling park with an interesting selection of rides, I've not managed to get back since but I do keep looking for time to fit a trip in!

So apparently my French was going perfectly fine until this particular point in ordering food, somehow I managed to order the alcohol free beer! A wild start to my 24th birthday!