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Throwback Thursday - Parque Warner July 2013

Good afternoon!

So first of all, apologies for the looooong gap since my last post, I've has so much going on, but things are settling down again. We're going to kick things back off with Parque Warner Madrid. I love this park and it doesn't get enough credit from enthusiasts.

How could anyone not love a park that has this view from the car park? Stunt Fall may have quite some down time but it is so worth the frustration of trying to get on it when you finally do. I'm not usually a fan of inverted coasters but Stunt Fall is brilliant and we should have more of these around the world.

I love how close you can get to this ride, it makes for great fun to just spend time taking photos.

It just looks so good against the blue skies.

Rio Bravo! Another AMAZING ride at this park! Backward airtime coupled with a soaking? YES!

My favourite part of this park, the Superhero area! It's so well done and houses both my favourite and least favourite rides in the park.

Na na na na na na na..... Nah! I really don't enjoy this one, and that all starts from that ridiculous beeping when someone enters the queue line building. This is one of the rides that solidified my dislike of inverts.

Now this is a proper ride entrance! Excluding the strange, bland bit between this and the station, of course! It's a shame there wasn't many places to get photos of this brilliant coaster. Superman is definitely my favourite coaster in Spain, the fantastic first drop puts it pretty high in my overall count too.

I can't wait to take our son Charlie here, he'll love this fountain if nothing else.

This park is really well lit, especially so during Halloween.

Parque Warner is one of those that I'd like to get back to just to take photos again! So many nice areas and with how well everything looks at night too.

I wasn't a fan of this fountain at the entrance when we got there, but it really fits in at night!

I'm not sure if they still do this at the end of the day, but the fountain show was great, very Disney feeling!

That's all for now, now just for me to keep up and bring you some more for August.


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