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Throwback Thursday - PortAventura August 2013

Continuing on from the last throwback featuring a Spanish theme park, we move on to PortAventura!

PortAventura fans that are easily offended may wish to browse the photos and refrain from reading much, but I'll try not to be too mean!

Most people know I'm not a fan of this park, for many reasons, but there are some awesome photo opportunities! I don't enjoy Furius Baco, but it does fit in well and looks great from the boat ride.

Some of the areas of theming are really nice and well done

I haven't yet managed to get on Tutuki Splash, it's either been crazy busy, having issues or closed for winter maintenance.

Just what every park needs, a decent transport ride.

PortAventura does get big points for having a Log Flume, so here's hoping it'll see out the recent Log Flume cull.

Shambhala! It's definitely a decent ride, but the weird turnaround takes a lot away from it, I'm really not a fan of that!

I was looking forward to Dragon Khan but it was such a disappointment! One of my favorite coasters is Kumba and DK rides nothing like it. The merch was very pretty though!

EL Diablo, it's not great, it does have an interesting story about why it's not great, but still, not that great.

One thing this park does have going for it is how well lit it is at night!

I wouldn't say no to a sit here with a yard of Estrella Damm!

The entry to the park looks so nice at night!

The fountains do complete this area pretty well!

It is a nice way to end a day at a park with the big fountain shows and everything else going on here.

Have you been to PortAventura? What did you think?

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Nieznany użytkownik
17 maj 2022

I visited the park recently and really enjoyed it as it was my first European park, didn't enjoy stampida though found that extremely rough.


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