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Throwback Thursday - May 2013

Welcome back to my second throwback Thursday! This week we are looking at a trip I made to the Pleasure Beach in May 2013, don't worry though, we'll be looking at trips other than Pleasure Beach in future weeks!

So, my trips to BPB back then consisted of getting up at 4am, getting a bus to Edinburgh Waverley station at 4.51 and a train to Preston not so much later, always arriving just as the Blackpool South train left from platform 1, so a freezing hour at Preston before the next, or if I was feeling particularly energetic, jump on the next Blackpool North train and a breezy walk down the prom.

On this particular trip the weather was awful when I arrived at Blackpool. The first stop was to watch what was going on at the fountain. The Pleasure Beach mascots were having a dance, in the rain, while the fountain did its best to create a river into Trauma Towers. I'd like to see them bring this back, rather than doing it outside of the park at opening time.

It soon started clearing up thankfully. After meeting up with Scott, Mike and a couple of others we noticed a bit of trouble over at Steeplechase. If I remember correctly, there was some trouble with the lift chain on the green lane and it went on for a little while this season. Notice how bright the track looks here?

It's brightening up still, here's a random shot of Infusion from the day, not that anything has changed of course, unless you want to count how much less red paint we can see on Infusion at that point! On this visit, we did take some time out of the Pleasure Beach to visit South Pier while the weather improved, some very intense games of air hockey were played!

Visits to BPB, even back then, always involved some time on the Pleasure Beach Express, but it was a great rest and a good chance for photos, if the rides wanted to show up that is!

Here we have Mike, as usual with his footy top, collar up and not caring at all about the fact it was a little chilly! I don't think Mike has aged since 2012!

Another staple part of the day is getting a drink at FY4 and watching the Big One go by.

Wild Mouse. Looking pretty good here really, it did always stood out well under a blue sky.

What song comes to mind when you see this photo? There must be at least one fountain song that sticks in your head? Let me know in the comments, for me, it's The Servant - Orchestra.

So there we have it, a pretty standard day at the Pleasure Beach in that era for me, we'd all stay over and hit the Pleasure Beach again on the Sunday, where I'd typically have to either leave early to get a train from Blackpool south or get someone to re-route and drop me at Preston as the last train back to Edinburgh was always far too early!


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