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Throwback Thursday - May 2017

Here we are at the end of May and the last of our May throwbacks.

Me and Scott took our first trip to Florida together in May 2017, it was the first time for Scott and I'd been many times before but a lot had changed since the last time I had been.

I'll be putting these in no particular order, other than the order they came to mind to write about.

First up, we have Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa. I'd never been on it as it was constructed not long after my last visit, and despite the abysmal loading (It took FOREVER) I quite enjoyed this, it's not great and it wouldn't make my top 10, but an enjoyable coaster.

Next up, some animals! If you go to Busch Gardens and don't take some time to look at the amazing animals they have there then you're doing it all wrong! Those monkeys look like me sat questioning what in the heck my 2 year old is up to.

Special mention for Scorpion. A simple yet fun coaster that I would really miss from this park if it were to go, there's just something about it, it just belongs here and feels right to be here.

So next up we have Epcot. I'm not a massive fan of the park as a whole, but I do enjoy parts of it.

The main thing I have to show from Epcot is Scott in a phone box;

Next we have MGM..... err, Disney's Hollywood Studios as it is now. I do love this park, but I feel it deserves a far more grand entrance!